Katherine Perez-Lockett


Katharine Perez-Lockett, MPH, has worked as a public health practitioner since 2008 after graduating with a Masters in Public Health from New Mexico State University, and current Treasurer for ISSF.

Katharine was born in San Antonio, Texas and re-located as a child to California, where she completed high school and then attended Stanford University for her undergraduate degree in International Relations.

A semester of overseas study in Italy and travel through Europe helped her to appreciate the wider world that existed and was the start of her global adventures. Katharine joined the Peace Corps in 2002 and served in Nicaragua until 2004 as a Health Extension volunteer in the northern, rural part of the country.

She gained an interest in community health and decided to pursue a graduate degree in Public Health when she returned to the US. She landed in Las Cruces, New Mexico for her MPH and decided to stay to work in public health in the Office of Border Health for the New Mexico Department of Health afterwards.

It was here (Las Cruces) that she was recruited to serve on the Board for ISSF, and continues to participate to this day; as she strongly feels domestic violence is a pressing public health issue that knows no borders. Other interests include Border and Binational Health on the US-Mexico border, epidemiology, health advocacy, disaster preparedness, running, trail running, eating New Mexico Green Chile, and raising her two sons. Recently, Katharine has returned to San Antonio, TX to join the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District’s Epidemiology program.

  • Email: info@issf-us.org