Nick Ramos


Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1992, Nick grew up in the middle of the nation’s war on drugs – a time when political instability and conflict were at an all-time high. Later, at the age of 10, Nick was able to move to the United Sates where he became immediately fascinated with the stark differences between his home nation and his new reality.

Nick went on to attend the University of Central Florida where he studied Health Services Administration as his passion for helping those in need grew. After completing his degree, Nick spent considerable time working and volunteering with various non-profit organizations in the Central Florida region. After some time, however, Nick realized that he wanted to have more of an impact at a larger, more global, scale. For this, Nick joined the Peace Corps in 2017 and spent two years of service abroad in Mozambique where he developed numerous key strategies related to improving the programmatic implementation of health workshops in three main areas: Maternal and Child Health, HIV treatment and prevention, and Malaria education. After his experience abroad, Nick fell in love with the international-development sector of Healthcare and decided to dedicate his life to this cause. As such, in December of last year, he joined the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children as one of the company’s project-site managers. He currently resides in Huancayo, Peru where he oversees the careful implementation of various health initiatives intended to expand the access of reliable healthcare to those in the region. He would be honored to have the opportunity to join the International Safe Shelter Foundation as he believes that his knowledge, experiences, and expertise would greatly benefit the organization.

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