About International Safe Shelter Foundation

International Safe Shelter Foundation (ISSF) was founded as a tax exempt organization in 2012 by Madeline Messick. It grew out of a collaboration between the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Service Organization of New Mexico State University and NMSU’s Family Violence Project. After supporting a domestic violence shelter located in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico for many years, a group of dedicated volunteers decided to create a non-profit foundation, in part so that we could raise tax exempt donations for the shelter. In the process of creating the foundation, we expanded our mission to include charitable organizations overseas that serve abused women and children. While our current focus is on Latin America, we hope to expand to other regions as our organization grows.

ISSF has been classified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS and donations are tax-deductible in accordance with the law. ISSF has very low administrative costs. We do not maintain a physical location nor do we have paid employees. All work is done by a volunteer board of directors. Because of this, close to 70% of the money donated goes directly to the organizations that we support.

Please email us with any further questions at: info@issf-us.org