ISSF Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are you determining the needs of shelters and how are these priorities made?

When we develop a relationship with an organization, we sign a memorandum of understanding to outline our partnership with that shelter. For the shelter to receive funding, they need to fill out a request for funding form available on our website. We examine whether the request is a long-term or short-term request and whether it is a repeating request. Then we look at all the requests that have been made within a fiscal quarter and determine how best to prioritize funding based on which requests are the most urgent. Shelters that have a standing MOU with International Safe Shelter Foundation will be prioritized. We do not determine the needs of the shelter for them. We ask that shelters complete a Shelter Organizational Assessment form to determine exactly what their needs are and if the needs can be met through organizational capacity building, training, or fundraising. We then meet with the organization to discuss how best to partner with them and link them to services or funding.

  1. How do you assess the legitimacy of an organization?

We examine organization documentations, websites, Facebook pages, and organizational reviews. We also request that organizations send us the local/Non-governmental Organizational documentation from their local government as they would need to be a registered entity in their country. When possible and resources are available, we would visit shelters. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are unable to currently travel, but we do meet virtually with all potentially partners. If an organization, does not have this documentation in place, then we would focus first on capacity building and organizational development with that shelter so that they can first legitimize their organization locally prior to receiving international funding.

  1. How do Shelter’s request services or funds?

We have an ISSF Request for Funding form available upon request. To receive funding, shelters and Gender Based Violence organizations need to complete this form along with the agency Organizational Assessment Form.

  1. How do you monitor how shelter’s use resources or funds?

All purchases made with ISSF funds must be documented and receipts for purchases and activities must but fully documented and provided within 6 months of receiving funds. Shelter’s will also be provided an excel sheet to document project funding and expenditures.

  1. How do you track donor funding and how donor funding is utilized?

We keep a list of all donations made, the amount, and the contact information provided so that donors to ISSF so that we can review our recent and past fundraisers and analyze how our funds were utilized. We also develop an annual report each year which shares our organizational activities, expenditures, and income which will be posted on the website annually. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2021 report will come out in early 2022 and will be a bi-annual report.

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