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Centro de Protección de Mujer a Mujer

The Centro de Protección de Mujer a Mujer serves victims of domestic and gender-based violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.  The shelter was founded in 2001 by a group of persons who identified with and wanted to assist victims of domestic and gender-based violence.  The center provides food, shelter, counseling, and job skills training to women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

The vision for the shelter was born in the heart of its director and founder, the Señora Angela Fierro Sandoval.  Ms. Sandoval experienced domestic violence in her home as a child. As a result of her childhood experiences, she wanted to make sure that any woman facing similar experiences would have someplace to turn for help.

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Libertad de Mujer a Mujer

Libertad is located in the Sierra Tarahumara in Mexico.  Libertad was also founded by Ms. Sandoval, and faces even greater challenges with funding while the clients face even greater barriers to escaping domestic violence.

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